Freestanding Baths: Choosing The Right One for Your Bathroom

As a stylish and value-conscious homeowner, selecting the perfect bath tub for your bathroom is no longer the easy task it used to be as recently as a few decades ago. Back then the only choice you had to make regarding your standard issue white, ovular, acrylic bath was limited to whether you wanted it placed on the left hand side or the right hand side.

Fortunately, with the boom of the interior design sector and an ever growing middle class, the bath tub makers have responded accordingly and manufactured a wide variety of tubs to suit every taste.

Advantages of Freestanding Baths, Generic Viagra

If you are a thorough researcher, you will have noticed in several magazines, sites and bathroom fixture stalls that the freestanding bathroom is now all the rage. Everyone and I mean everyone, is now casting an eye towards this piece of bathroom furniture. As a prudent homeowner it is only logical that you weigh the benefits of purchasing a freestanding bath.

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The freestanding bath is unlike your ordinary built-in tubs in that it is not attached to any walls or affixed to a network of pipes. It is possible to move it to different positions according to your whims.

For this reason the freestanding bath is viewed as more of a piece of bathroom furniture rather than a fixture. In spite of this, you must be responsible about the positioning of your bath and ensure that it is safely away from power points as per the Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules.

·         Style and Sophistication Galore

As the homeowner you have the benefit of choosing from a wide variety of sizes, colours and designs. You have the luxury of choosing the material you want to go into designing your tub such as cast iron, acrylic, nickel, enamelled steel and even fibre glass.

The freestanding bath comes with supports to hold it up off the ground to avoid damaging your bathroom floor as well as to keep it stable while you do your thing.

·         Save on Space and Change the Bathroom’s Appearance

Since the freestanding bath is not affixed to any walls and is lifted up off the floor, it will give your room an airier feel and an illusion of being more spacious than it actually is.

·         Show off Your Tiles and Floor Work

Another benefit of having a freestanding bath is that it does not conceal your floor work and tiles. If you choose the right material and colours for the tub, it will compliment your bathroom décor instead of crippling it.

What You Should Ask Yourself Before Installation

As with any other major modification to your home, you need to consider a few factors before installing a freestanding bath.

This includes:

·         Can My Bathroom Floor Safely Support the Bath’s Weight?

Unlike the built-in bath tub, the freestanding bath weighs slightly more. This is because of the plumbing that has to be done on the surface or the inside of the tub. In addition to the bath water poured into the tub during bath time, you can see that this is a lot of weight indeed.

If you do decide to purchase a freestanding bath, you could rest in the assurance that you will enjoy the many benefits that come with it, making bath time a part of the day you always look forward too. However, ensure that any goods you purchase are fitted with the WaterMark logo of Standard Australia as a mark of quality.